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"About a billion people in the world use English to communicate."

- The Guiness Book of World Records
  • At Quality English School, we have been providing our clients with excellent results in all English language-learning areas since 1995. Our methodology is based on sound, professional, and dynamic pedagogy carried out in a family atmosphere. We take great care to offer the maximum of personalized attention to each student.

  • Our native English teachers at Quality English School work in close collaboration with their students. Given our small classes, the teachers are able to continually assess each student’s progress. We place particular value on the human connection between teacher and student more than on technological and/or multimedia learning systems so popular today. From the first day of class, only English is used in our animated and enjoyable interactive sessions that nonetheless require the student to work hard.

  • At Quality English School, our main objective is that our students progress with a solid language base and maintain life-long confidence in their English abilities. As with any language, once an Intermediate level is reached it is of utmost importance to continue practicing in order to maintain the level.